how to cut a mango

How to Cut a Mango

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Mango Love

I love mangos. Not in a social media ‘I love ‘ way, but in a genuine, caring, emotional way. I am concerned for their wellbeing. I’m interested in their living conditions and their futures.

This is despite the fact that I refused to eat certain fruits, as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, such as mangos until well into my adulthood. Since then I’ve developed a strong affinity to these plump, tropical treats.

How to Buy Mangos

But I’m also interested making sure you get the most out of Mangos. There are things you need to know about procuring these fruit which will make a huge difference to the enjoyment you might get from them. You have probably noticed that you can buy them all year round in the supermarket, which is normally the good old ‘Tommy Atkins’ variety, often so under ripe, fibrous and dull that it would be enough to put you off mangos for life. If you buy these then it’s worth ensuring they’re absolutely ripe before eating them, and definitely don’t make a dessert with some which aren’t quite ripe, because it won’t taste particularly good. Nope, definitely don’t do that .

The best way to buy mangos is to keep an eye out for when markets and greengrocers have overflowing boxes of mangos stacked up outside their shops. This will happen when mangos are in season in one of the many growing areas of the world and signify that it’s time to pounce and get a large mango fix. Look out in particular for the legendary Alphonso mango, which was briefly banned from the UK due to it’s overwhelmingly powerful aphrodisiac qualities (just kidding, it was because of fruit flies) but now allowed back in. When these boxes are piled high, not only are you getting the fruit at the absolute peak of it’s season, but also, they’ll be incredibly cheap, probably just a few pounds for a box of 9 fruit.

Buying a whole box will allow you to try a few things, such as mango preparation, because if you have nine of these little lovelies then you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn how to cut a mango into lovely bite sized pieces. But also you can try glorious treats such as my no added sugar mango frozen yoghurts or my mango and pistachio labneh cheesecake.

How to Prepare a Mango

And to help you on this mangoey journey I’ve made a quick video for your viewing pleasure, demonstrating how I prepare mangos.

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