Gavin is a specialist food writer and food photographer.

Gavin is a London-based food writer and food photographer with strong visual communication abilities, excellent critical analysis skills and sophisticated food system knowledge.

As a food writer, he specialises in the influences around food choice in society and culture. Strong technical food writing skills are supported by distinction level MSc Food Policy. Also a Guild of Food Writers member published in print and online.

Energetic food photographer with a bold and vibrant style, seeking ways to bring food products to life. Clients include international print publications and London-based SMEs in the food industry. Shortlisted for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards 2018 and photo credits include National Geographic Traveller and Huck magazine.

Combined with more than ten years of experience as an industrial and graphic designer, Gavin brings advanced written and visual communication skills to your project.

He writes food fiction in his spare time and is editor of Brain Food Magazine, a Medium publication aimed at promoting independent, thought-provoking writing about food.

Outside of work, his favourite things in life are espresso, dark chocolate, cafes, running, art and performance, digital culture and what it means to be human.

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- July 2019