Gavin is a food writer, food photographer and food policy specialist with expertise in relationships to food within everyday society and culture.

Food choices have excited Gavin since childhood. Growing up in the peripheries of South West London, all food experiences were exciting, from than the privilege of choosing what to eat on a Birthday, or a jar of cockles drenched in vinegar on a Friday night.

Childhood aspirations of running a hotel were abruptly skewered after two disillusioned years on the ground in the hospitality trade. An undergraduate degree in Industrial Design was followed by a career in design and print, with jobs ranging from music award design for the likes of Dido, P!NK and Christina Aguilera, to making food packaging mockups for advertising or designing graphics for pubs, shops and exhibitions.

A perpetual love of food always endured in his personal life, it was the single constant which always brought pleasure.

In 2014, Gavin began blogging, which required honing his photography skills and love of literature. Offers of food photography work shortly followed and a career change beckoned. Hearing the avuncular Tim Lang talk enthusiastically about food at Borough Market led Gavin to consider a new path; a master’s degree in Food Policy at City, University of London. During the course, he specialised in social and cultural aspects of food, with his dissertation subject being the influence of Instagram on diet.

Today, Gavin works remotely as a food writer and photographer, while he travels the globe exploring food culture. His journey began in Los Angeles during October 2018,  travelling south, through Central and South America, before embarking on the Silk Road, beginning May 2019.

His work has been published in magazines such as The Big Issue, The E-List and on various websites, as well as being a member of the Guild of Food Writers. Additionally, he is a writer/researcher for Food Tank and editor of Brain Food Magazine, a Medium publication aimed at promoting independent, thought-provoking writing about food.

Outside of work, his favourite things in life are espresso, dark chocolate, backstreet restaurants, running, the Finale of Act 4 in Swan Lake, YouTube influencers and he gets very excited talking about what it means to be human.

If you would like to talk to Gavin about food, or what it means to be human, then he’d love to hear from you.

- October 2018

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