Homemade yoghurt video

Homemade Yoghurt Video!

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How to make Yoghurt.

Last year I created an information packed blog post about how to make yoghurt at home, where I tested a few different techniques that I had read about online to see which one was best. It turned out that they were mostly awful for an Englishman living in London in the cold, early spring, I guess that yoghurt making is easier in warmer climates. One method did shine out as being fool-proof and failsafe when confronted by English weather and central heating, which lead to me using it every single week to make yoghurt for quite some time. I was so excited by this discovery that I got everything together to create a homemade yoghurt video recipe.

Money spinner.

I was eating a lot of goat yoghurt around then, and goat yoghurt is over three times the price of goat milk. I’m not a huge fan of unnecessarily spending money, especially if I know there’s a much cheaper way of doing things and it was so easy to make a flask of yoghurt when making dinner or lunch that I got into the habit every week. It meant I had these lovely little pots of yoghurt sitting in the fridge all the time, ready to be eaten, it felt really homely, plus it saved a lot of money.

The director’s cut.

I created the content for this video a long time ago and it took several days of sporadic filming, two batches of yoghurt and a lot of thought and planning to create it all. However the clips didn’t make it into the cutting room (iMovie in this case) for one reason or another… until now! I’m really pleased to finally release this video as I’m incredibly proud of this fabulous short clip which captures the whole process perfectly, it really is this easy.

Homemade yoghurt video.

Here’s the big star of the show, so please watch, share and follow far and wide!

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