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WILL IT ROAST? – Part 2 – Red Cabbage

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Will It Roast?

‘Will It Roast?’ is a new celebration of culinary silliness, created in the name of simply messing around in the kitchen, a chance to try out some random ideas that come into my head. In this series I’m taking whole fruit or vegetables and cooking them in their entirety in the oven without chopping, peeling, slicing or preparing them, to see how they come out.

I love the idea of creating food that requires minimal preparation combined with low maintenance cooking which also creates very little waste. Cooking and then serving whole vegetables can create far less waste as the skin and parts which would normally be discarded are cooked as well, only to be left once the rest has been eaten. The skin also sometimes imparts plenty of flavour to the vegetable, so by removing it you’re losing out on that.

Part Two – Red Cabbage

Today, in part two of this series, I’m taking a whole red cabbage and roasting it in the oven to see how it comes out. Through doing this, we can find out the answer to the BIG question on everyone’s lips, WILL IT ROAST?

Want to know the answer? Watch and find out!

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