Free oven temperature conversion guide

Free oven temperature conversion guide PDF

Gavin Wren Food Education, Writing

Today I’m writing about an extremely serious subject, oven temperature conversion. I hope you’re sitting comfortably because this is a seriously hot topic. Badum-tish.

Oven thermometer in oven

Converting oven temperatures accurately

OK, I promise, no more awful jokes.

Sometimes, we need all the help we can get when it comes to cooking a new recipe. Like when you’ve worked and fretted for hours before cutting into a cake, only to find the base is STILL soggy despite an extra 30 minutes in the oven. Or those roasted vegetables that simply WON’T BROWN LIKE IN THE PHOTO. And we’ve all had something, errr, how do I put it, ‘caramelise’ a bit more than intended.

Some of these situations are completely avoidable. And I want to help you with these problems through the simple process of accurate oven temperature conversions, because the internet is full of incorrect information, and you might have been using that false information. Even some people who write the recipes might be using the wrong information.

Some of the top Google search results for ‘oven temperatures conversion’ have misleading, or simply wrong figures that are up to 10% out in some cases. That inaccurate information is not helping anyone, it’s just lazy, unchecked content. So by using the tables below, or the handy free PDF download that I’ve created, you can give yourself a head start next time. Sometimes a few small changes to the way you work can have a much bigger, cumulative effect on the outcomes.

Free oven temperature conversion guide

Download my handy, printable PDF, with accurate conversions!

1) Gas Mark to Fahrenheit and Centigrade Conversions

2) Centigrade to Gas Mark & Fahrenheit Conversions

3) Fahrenheit to Centigrade & Gas Mark Conversions

And finally, here’s the biggie. A full list at 10º increments of Fahrenheit to Centigrade and Gas Mark temperatures.

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