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Field to Fork – Preparing Meat for the Table

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I’d like to begin this post by apologising to any pescetarians, vegetarians or vegans who might be reading this blog and disagree with the killing of animals. The content of this post is trying to understand my feelings around exactly that issue – the killing of animals – and whether I am comfortable with the process of getting meat from field to fork.

Could you do it?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself over the last few months. Do I have the stomach, strength and moral complicity to kill an animal and prepare it for my dinner?

Bloodlust or a fatalistic desire to inflict pain do not feature in my motivations. This is a purely ethical, moral and emotional study, which came about when I began to wonder if it’s morally acceptable to eat meat, unless I’m prepared to kill animals. The logical conclusion of this avenue of thought leads me to experiencing despatching and preparing animals for cooking with my own hands. Taking part in that process is the only way I can experience all of the physical and emotional sensations that a human being would experience when deciding to have meat in their dinner.

There is only one way to resolve this conundrum, and that’s to actually do it, to be guided through the preparation of live animals for the table.

A flock of Happy Egg Company Chickens

Field to Fork.

Working with Michael at, I have arranged a day which deals solely with the despatch and preparation of chicken, duck and rabbit for cooking and eating.

On Saturday 5th and 19th August, at the Rural Courses HQ, Michael will give us some background information on husbandry and rearing of the animals. Next, he will demonstrate the techniques used in preparing chicken, duck and rabbit for the table. After that, he will guide us individually through the despatch and preparation of a home reared chicken, duck and rabbit, giving each person an opportunity to carry out the whole process from start to finish.

At the end of the day, each person will go home with a fresh, ‘oven ready’ chicken, rabbit and duck, prepared fully with your own hands.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in how to prepare meat and how it gets to your table. You will get a true sense of where your meat comes from, plus the physical and moral implications involved in preparing it and the butchering skills required.

There are only four two remaining places available on the 5th August, exclusively available through this blog, at £145 each, including coffee and lunch. It will take place at the Rural Courses HQ in Kent, close to London and just 30 minutes from the M25. If you want to reserve a place on this challenging and fulfilling day, get in touch to via the contact form below and I’ll arrange your booking.

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